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Some of the nice things my clients and colleagues have said about my editing work:




Ruth Lacey’s editorial work is sublime. She edited part of my novel, A Remarkable Kindness, which I then sold to HarperCollins (August 2015). She also suggested some crucial changes in my short story, “One Kiss, One Baby, One God”; that story appeared in Commentary Magazine (January 2015). Need I say more? - Diana Bletter, author of A Remarkable Kindness 




I have been privileged to have Ruth critique and edit my short stories and poetry. She is a brilliant editor. If I were in an elevator, held at gunpoint by a maniac writer, the one who I would trust to have just the right words to save my life, would be Ruth Lacey. - Dina Yehuda, author & prize-winning poet




Ruth brings a fresh, determined approach to editing. Her perception of the core is immediate: she responds to language, tone, emotional energy and intellectual challenge. Always respectful of the writer's vision, Ruth is provocative and inventive in her dedication to bringing the narrative to fullest expression. Ruth's unique collaborative effort brings vitality to the editing process, injects drama, enlightens character development, enlivens plot resolution.


Ruth boldly questions the spine of the story, enabling the narrative to stand strong and claim its audience. - Rochelle Mass, twice Pushcart Prize nominee




Ruth’s storytelling instincts and keen eye for structure and grammar make her a dream editor. As a gorgeous storyteller in her own right, Ruth understands the process, and defers to the writer's vision of the story while suggesting ways in which to make that vision shine. She’s at ease in helping massage a story to reveal its heart, while maintaining its experimental form - or suggesting the ways in which a theme can be supported without resort to sentimentality. With the help of Ruth’s suggestions and editing, one of my short stories was a finalist in Glimmer Train’s Family Matters Contest. She was instrumental in my efforts to fix a story with which I struggled, and to see it published in Contrary Magazine. With Ruth’s encouragement, I’m at work on a novel, and when it’s ready for a set of eyes, hers will be the first to look. I can say without reservation that I know, without a doubt, it’ll be vastly improved once they do. - Kathi Hansen, author




Ruth Lacey is the real deal, providing the careful editorial attention that every writer dreams of.


Weeding out typos and clunky sentences is just a small portion of the real value of her work. Based on her expertise in writing craft, Ruth provides suggestions for change that create stronger depth of character and a story that resonates better with readers.


Most importantly, Ruth pours her heart and soul into every piece, showing you things you could never have seen yourself. I've been beyond pleased with Ruth's editing and highly recommend her to any writer who seeks to take their writing to that next level. - Donna Obeid, award-winning author




Ruth Lacey edited two of my books, Only In India and The Illustrated Book of Moses Goldberg the Lawyer. Not only did she correct the gramatical mistakes and sentence construction, but also gave some solid advice on the storyline. Her constructive criticism was extremely helpful. I can fully recommend her editing skills. - Mike Leaf, author of Only in India

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